Origins of EverLight world and your way to change it

EverLight is a unique game universe that players will create with their own characters and actions. Thanks to the active participation of the users, this world will be completely autonomous.

The player starts his way in the universe of EverLight as a “aborigen” in the form of an NFT character, minted in the Polygon network.

At creation, each user character will receive 11 unique pieces of equipment. At the same time, the gear can be transformed and upgraded.

In addition to the standard equipment, the game also features a “legendary” one, the Lucky Stone, which gives the player certain advantages.

Also, the player can get additional benefits by mining new NFT and token $ELET

The number of characters belonging to one player is not limited, and the users of the game universe can transfer them between each other.

In order to create his character and a basic set of equipment, the player needs 25 MATIC at the stage of creation.

The more users join the universe, the brighter it will become and the more it will be filled with internal characters from the EverLight team.

At this stage, the EverLight universe will be powered by Polygon’s Layer 2 network, which will improve performance and reduce the cost of entry for users.

Join the EverLight universe and become its Legendary Hero!

Website: http://www.everlight.club/

Telegram: https://t.me/EverLightClub

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EverLightClub

The first fully autonomous decentralized NFT Metaverse game